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Rack Engineering Division
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Crank-Out Cantilever

Crank-Out Cantilever

Excellent for storing heavy barstock, tube, pipe, extrusions, etc.  The Crank-Out Cantilever allows for overhead accessibility by extending its fully loaded arms 100% into the aisle way with an easy turn of a crank.
Ideal For Many Industries and Applications

  • Automotive
    • Tire and Wheel (tube, round stock, bar stock)
    • Drive Shaft (round tube, square tube)
    • Transmission (bar stock, plate, extrusion)
  • Agriculture
    • Drive Shaft (round stock, bar stock, tube)
    • Implements (flat bar, round stock, angle iron)
  • Steel
    • Quick Ship Materials (round stock, bar stock, tube, angle, beam, channel)
  • Plumbing
    • Fittings/Conduits (brass tube, galv. tube, pvc, zinc tube, special alloys, pipe)
  • Electrical
    • Conduit (galv. tube, pipe, unistrut)
  • Mold & Die Manufacturing
    • Components (bar stock, tube, brass)
  • Construction
    • Cement (rebar, forms)
    • Structure (beam, angle, tube)
  • Metal Fabrication
    • Cut Off (bar stock, square tube, round tube, aluminum, extrusion, channel)
Crank-Out Cantilever Dimensions
Crank-Out Cantilever Worksheet

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